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The only video game in the world that pays you to grow legal Marijuana.


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Established entrepreneurs in the legal cannabis market. Not the common shady nerds.

420LAND is the only Play-to-Earn Cannabis Metaverse in the world, created by companies with a strong reputation for innovation and service.

Light Cannabis specialists, with the biggest distribution network in Northern Italy

The first Italian online Cannabis Social Club

World’s top brand of Terpene Shield

One of the top European Light Cannabis distributors

The only certified handmade Murano Glass filters

Award-winning Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona

First Italian copywriting agency

Software house in the Incubator of Polytechnic of Turin

Exclusive Italian provider of clean and sustainable energy

The Italian Leader in Cannabis Vending Machine

Decentralised Ethereum scaling platform

Marketplace for goods and services that encourages consumers to purchase thanks to a cashback remuneration mechanism

Multimedia Immersive Experiences | Design Agency

This is not your usual NFT project.
Instead of avatars we show our own faces.
We combine the two hottest and growing markets of recent years: cannabis and web 3.0.
And we provide REAL experiences and benefits.


  • Mattia Fiorentini


    He founded and manages a group of companies worth over 3.7 million euros a year, including the electricity and gas brand EnergiaLocale.

    Raised in Spain, he is the mastermind behind the CBDexpress and Master420 brands, as well as the author of a book on how to sell after the Coronavirus that became a bestseller on the Italian Amazon shop.

  • Matteo Polletta

    Project Manager & Art Director

    Graduated in Communication, he designed the 420Land and Master420 logos and the collectible Weedys as we know them today.

    He's also a NFT expert and CEO of the "Teddy Bear Cutie Squad" project.

  • Paolo Eralti


    He is the co-founder and Head of Operations of CBDexpress and Master420.

    Graduated in Economics & Finance in Milan with an Erasmus experience in Barcelona, in his previous life he worked as a freelance graphic designer while backpacking around Asia and Latin America.

  • Andrea Lisi


    Bestselling author of 5 books, podcaster and founder of the first Italian persuasive writing agency.

    After living in Israel and Taiwan, he earned a Master’s in International Relations, ran a refugee reception center and published a thriller novel.

  • Paolo Dall'Asta

    Sales & Partnerships Director

    Under his management, CBDexpress grew 400% in 3 years.

    Before that experience, he managed two companies and directly sold hundreds of thousands of euros of electricity and gas contracts.

  • Guido Favro

    Social Media Manager

    A sports science graduate, he works as an Advertiser and Business Coach in the Sport and Wellness sector.

    As an instructor in various sports disciplines, he moved his activity to the Online World, to live from his passions anywhere in the world.

  • Johan Duque


    Head of Engineering at IOV Labs, he has been crafting Software platforms for distributed systems since the early 2000s, his experience includes different domains: hospitality, energy and fintech are among them.

    Born and raised in Colombia, when he was 20 he moved to the US where he started his journey as a freelancer before moving to Italy a decade ago.

  • Andrea Sarli

    Web 3.0 Engineer

    Industrial engineer with a great passion for the blockchain sector.

    He started dealing with this technology in 2018, inspired by its liberating potential. Since 2020 he has been managing NFT projects as a Front-end and Solidity developer.

  • Riccardo Barbotti

    Software Architect

    Computer engineer, since 2018 he directs BitBoss, a web development software house, born as an innovative startup of the Incubator of Polytechnic of Turin.

  • Marco Moroni


    Always looking for new angles to capture the attention of potential customers

    Graduated in Communication and Marketing at the University of Perugia. Throughout his life he has been a Sales Specialist, Marketing Manager, until, in 2016, he began to study copywriting in depth and fell in love with this profession

  • Adderlin Araujo

    General contractor

    Digital entrepreneur in web 3.0 - Expert NFT analyst and elite member of blockchain Italy.

    Founder of MetaxProduction, He accompanies companies in the various digitization processes.

  • Massimiliano Russo

    P2E Director

    Graduated in Industrial Design in Milan, Performing Design Lover.

    Founder, Head Strategist & Art Director in Creative Department.

  • Marco Russo

    Product Manager

    Graduated in Computer Graphics Animation (CGA) in Milan, Head of Entertainment and Gaming Experience.

    Founder, Administrator & Product manager in Creative Department

  • Lorenzo Felisari

    UI Designer

    Graduated in Computer Graphics Animation (CGA) in Milan, he is Founder, HR manager & UI designer in Creative Department.

    Passioned in Photography, motion graphic , Games, Wellness, Animals & Nature.

  • Paolo Palladini

    3D Digital Artist

    Graduated in Computer Graphics Animation (CGA) in Milan, he is Founder, IT manager & 3D Artist in Creative Department.

    Passioned in Anime, 3D Art , Games, Wellness, Fashion, Sport, Food & Nature.


The legend tells of a group of pioneers who - map in hand - set out in search of a fantastic crop of marijuana abandoned in California.

They met at 4:20 am and tried to find out where the treasure was hidden.

4:20 later became the code word to refer to cannabis and its users.

In the meantime, the world has changed.

Almost everywhere people are free to grow and use this plant again, after long decades of oppression.

In most of Europe, though, people are not free to grow and consume cannabis with THC. And sadly, even the wonders of legal cannabis (CBD) are still hampered by prohibitionist bigots.

That's why 420Land was born.

We are not just a club of producers and consumers. We participate in the Movement that is spreading the culture of Cannabis in Italy, Spain and the rest of Europe.

One of our partner brands, Master420, was born from the innovative experience of Spanish Social Clubs. And now we are proud to welcome you to a world where you can have fun and select exclusive products from the best European cannabis companies.

If you want to support the movement for Legalization, in 420LAND you will be part of the momentous change.

We will donate 5% of the proceeds from every sale to one of the Non Profits that are fighting for the legalization of Cannabis in each European country.

Join us now and you will be part of a true revolution. Something legendary, that you will be proud to tell your friends, children and grandchildren!

+ 5000 UNIQUE NFTs

Weedy Collections

Weedys are 420Land's official NFTs, and represent your ticket to the Cannabis metaverse.

Weedys are nice little rockets who love to launch themselves into pure relaxation. They get mad when they run out of high-CBD weed. Proud of their peaceful "bombs", they strive for new varieties and sensations. And they are always ready to advise their less experienced brothers - like real cannabis sommeliers.

There are 3 collections of Weedy, with different utilities - all of them published in limited editions:

Weedy Farm

2.000 NFTs

They grant you a Farm to care for or rent to metaverse players. They also give you unique and exclusive gadgets and / or products from 420LAND partners. [SOLD-OUT collection]

Weedy Genetics

Weedy Strains

3.000 NFTs

They guarantee you seeds and cuttings of Strains (genetics) to start growing your plants in the metaverse. Depending on the rarity you will have more or less seeds and cuttings. In addition, these NFTs entitle you to a 10% discount FOREVER on all products of 420LAND’s partner companies.

Weedy Product

Weedy Specials

460 NFTs

The only ones that allow you to have both the Farm and the Strains to grow. Depending on the level of rarity, each Weedy is more or less productive.

Weedy Gadgets

Only by owning one of these NFTs will you be able to enter the official inauguration of 420LAND on January 20, 2023.



April 20th, 2022

First drop of 2000 Weedy Farm which entitle you to a farm in 420LAND and exclusive gadgets and products from the partners. [SOLD-OUT]


July 20th, 2022

Drop of 420 Weedy Strains for the Founders that entitle you seeds and cuttings in 420LAND and a 10% life discount from the partners.


January 20th, 2023

Private Pre-Sale opening of the JOINT Token & Beta version opening of the 420LAND video game, with admission reserved for only 100 Weedy Founders.


February 20th, 2023

Drop of 460 Weedy Specials that entitle you to farm, seeds and cuttings in 420LAND - as well as to gadgets, products and a 10% discount for life from the partners.


April 20th, 2023

Launch of the JOINT Token and public opening of 420LAND, the only Cannabis-themed PlayToEarn video game - where your Weedy NFTs will be worth 100 times or more the purchase value.


July 20th, 2023

Drop of 2580 Weedy Strains

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